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We work with local farmers, growers and purveyors to source produce with integrity, flavor and soul, and incorporate these seasonal offerings into our menus nightly.  The result is food that is honest, straightforward and pays homage to the bounty of Windsor-Essex county that we are so privileged to call home.  Using ingredients at their peak and preparing them minimally and with respect allows us to capture the essence of the season and bring it straight to your table.


Casual and up-market, LORELEI'S BISTRO is one part neighborhood bistro and the other part elegant bistro.  Warm hues, soft lighting and bistro charm encourages guests to settle in, get comfortable and have a great time.


Lorelei’s offers a variety of specialty drinks and a wonderful selection of wines. The list of Bistro Cocktails is unique and affordable, with new twists on classic drinks and fun specialty items. A variety of local and international wines make it easy to pair food and drink, or to simply stop by to enjoy a glass with friends.


Manager: Debbie Dunne

Owners: Mary & Andy Lambros